Look what I've got! This is a new bag from Roo Beauty that I'm rigorously testing.

I work in different environments every day and my method of working is to have a bag of my central kit that is ready to 'pick up and go' together with a case that holds what is relevant to that day. Over the years I've used so many different methods, ailment bags, for sale cases and this is what works for  me. Ive used the same key kit bag for a while as I haven't found anything to replace it…until now!

The bag is very small and light with a handle, click a shoulder strap and even a band on the back to attach to a case or trolley (invaluable as my other kept falling off!)

It is a 'tardis'!                

Roo Beauty Manicure Bag Manicure Nail Bag





Just opening the top allows access to the essential tools and products (including a pump with remover and other  tall bottles). The back wall has a series of 10 small net holders for top and base coats, colours or whatever else comes in polish bottle sizes. The  front wall holds tools (I use a lot) and files. This has a tiny 'footprint' and should fit on the smallest of spaces.  

Nail Polish Bag






Opening the whole bag allows the front to fall down, either flat or, if space is limited, over the edge of the table, for access to 2 large zipped  pockets for all the extras. The 'body' of the bag holds so much and has side pockets to make sure bottles stay upright. It even has 3 more pockets on the outside!  One that opens up very wide on the side and 2 smaller on the front.

 Manicure Bag openSo far, this bag is giving me what I need: organisation, small, can reach in and find everything.

Thank you Mr Roo (but, for me personally, a plain black would be preferable)

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