Alesha Dixon Nails Britain's Got Talent Avon Nailwear ProYesterday was day 4 of the Britain’s Got Talent live finals and the 4th of Alesha Dixon's great looks. There was a last minute change of outfit so Michelle the hairdresser, Kim the make up artist and I needed to change our plans. Instead of using the Avon Nailwear Pro silver polish with some embellishments, I used Noir Emerald but made it accessorise the beautiful dress instead of using jewellery.

I've been asked if Alesha's nails are foils. No they are just polish but have 3 shimmery eye shadows gently rubbed in on the sides and centre of the nails before applying top coat. It is a little trick of mine that is quick and effective and can be done by anyone using products from their make up bag!

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